Yellow Canary (South Africa) - Serinus Flaviventris

Yellow Canary (South Africa) - Serinus Flaviventris
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A medium-sized South African canary with variable green or yellow upperparts. Larger than Yellow-fronted Canary.
Adult male: lower forehead and long supercilium rich or bright yellow. Upper forehead to crown and hindneck green, yellowish-green or dark green, becoming slightly deeper on nape. Tail is black or blackish-brown, edged yellow or yellowish-green on outer webs.
Adult female: Lower forehead and long supercilium (thin and rather indistinct on some) white or off-white. Upper forehead, crown and nape very dull buffish-grey or grey-brown, thinly dark-streaked.
Long and varied, a loud and vigorous, sweet-toned twitter. Several males often sing in concert.
Distinctive and far-carrying deep 'chirrup' or ' tirriyip', often in jumbled song of 'chissick' and 'cheree' notes.