Customer Reviews


Thank you! I received 6 healthy birds and they slept because they were tired,I did listen the Mourning Sierra finch that you sent. they are pretty good singer but when I did compare about my Russian canary's voice, they cannot beat them! I have been 10 year's for taking care of Russian canary with U.S.A. and every year that I got babies too.
Fumio O.

Birds arrived safely and are in good condition. They are now in our quarantine facility. Once again Id like to thank you for everything. I hope to do business with your company again.

Another Clutch of baby Mosaic Canaries!! Here is my Little "Sunroom" In which the 3 Pair of Mosiac Canaries I got from you live in ,amongst the Orchids and other plants. Baby number 8 should hatch tomorrow morning.
Troy H.

The birds are very beautiful and all are well I will be ordering more at the end of the month like I said my sister we are trying to start up a breeding birds operation and she has a sale tax # and a business license so she will forward that to you but I would like for Steve and the other peoples down here in this area not to know we will be buying from you wholesale please thank have a great week end and thanks for being so nice.
Breneta C.

Thank you Tracy. The birds arrived in good shape (very professional packaging BTW), they are already in the aviary. Don't forget to give me a heads up when the Eurasian blackbirds and the Grosbeaks arrive.
Alvaro G.

Unbelievable service!!!I ordered 2 Love Birds on Sept 23rd., received them next day from Cal. to Indiana via Air Shipping in a nice comfortable travel box with food and water. Delta even contacted me to let me know when they arrived. Birds were well and happy when I picked them up at the airport. Beautiful and healthy...I am impressed!
Dave H.

Following a late evening order placed with Birdexpress for three Peach-faced lovebirds, it was a pleasant surprise to receive an early morning phone call to confirm my needs. The shipping box was well designed and eased my mind of any trauma the birds may have endured during their air flight. On the contrary; the new birds blend well with my older birds and their chirping has given my home a happy atmosphere.
Gordon A.

Great selection! Excellent prices! Shipping is fast and ALL arrived HEALTHY and not stressed from LAX to PHX -- same day delivery. Customer Service is top-notch, professional and courteous. Communication ease with CSR is beyond comparison and very responses within minutes and phone calls with no "hold" time! Birds are of top health quality and order was accurate and PERFECT...BOTH TIMES!! First order was 9 Lovebirds of two different species and the second order was 12 Lovebirds of three different species. Packaging was very secure, undamaged and clean upon arrival. I look forward with confidence in placing a 3rd order!
Jeff P.