Blue-faced Parrotfinch - Erythrura Trichroa

Blue-faced Parrotfinch - Erythrura Trichroa
Not Available!
Only Male Available.
Adult male: deep blue from forehead to crown and face; rich or deep red from rump to tail. Adult female: less blue on head and face, rump to tail duller; buff-brown underparts.
The song begins, with the metallic tirlling call, continues with a loud or shrill series of notes, several of which are repeated at intervals, and ends with a rising whistle.
Call a typical parrotfinch 'tsit-tsit' or 'stit-stit-sti-it-it', also a faint insect-like high-pitched 'tip, ti-tu' or 'ti-tu-tu', a thin metallic 'tink' and a descending trill 'teerrrr', alarm a series of high pitched notes.