Black-throated (Parson) Finch - Poephila Cincta

Black-throated (Parson) Finch - Poephila Cincta
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Sexes alike. The black-throated finch is a small stocky granivorous bird with a distinctive black throat that forms a large bib. The bill is dark grey, the short tail and the flanks black. The bird has a black-rumped, cinnamon breast, brown back, white belly, blue-grey head, and pink feet (Schodde and Mason 1999).
Similar to Long-tailed Finch but more hoarse and softer or lower in pitch than that of Long-tailed.
Similar to Long-tailed Finch but lacks the variety of contact notes, has the same soft 'tet'note but also a fairly hoarse whistling 'tweee' or 'weet'. Alarm a soft 'beck-beck-beckadeck'.