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Canary are some of the most popular avian species. Each year we import between 20,000 and 30,000 canaries through two of our USDA approved quarantine stations. These canaries are imported from Belgium, Holland, Taiwan and Australia. Each country’s various canaries have their own unique characteristics. I would like to share some of our expertise and knowledge on canaries to help you understand these beautiful canaries and help you make a better, informed decision when buying canaries.

Canaries from Belgium and Holland

Belgium and Holland have a long history of breeding canary and other birds in general. Many households actively participate in canary breeding. They will often use a spare bedroom or even a staircase as a special designated area for canaries.

The best season for canaries of Belgium runs from October to February. The types of canaries that are available in this region include German Roller, Waterslager, Dutch Frill, Yorkshire, Lizard and Gloster canaries. You will also find Red Factory and traditional Yellow canaries to be plentiful. We are working really hard with our suppliers to have Parisian Frill Canaries added to our list as well.

Parisian Canary

Parisian Canary

Canaries from Taiwan

Canaries from Taiwan are available all year round. This is due in part to the perfect environment and climate of the central region of Taiwan that is ideal for canary breeding. Canaries from Taiwan are also known for their wonderful singing ability. They are also much more mature and they will be your best bet if you are looking for breeder Canary.

Taiwan is also home to large scale canary breeding facilities. You will find breeders who have several hundred pairs in production. This means that we can get one shipment from just one or two breeders. This type of production also means quality control is much easier and better. Canaries from Taiwan are often considered to be the most superb quality canaries which sometimes stand just slightly below Australian canaries.

Canaries from Australia

Australian canaries are considered some of the world’s most beautiful canaries. Overall, these types of canary are considered to be of top quality and therefore may be some of the most expensive canaries.

Canaries from Australia include their specialty - Border Canaries - which are by comparison huge in size and are top of the class. Also found in Australia are Crest and Crest canaries, Australian Plain Head, Red Border and Red Lizard canaries. These are developed by Australian canary breeders. Australian canaries are available from March to August. This however puts them at a disadvantage because they generally will just miss the peak breeding season for the United States. However, the value and worth of Australian canaries still remains high and makes these canaries some of the most sought after species.

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