African, European and South American Birds

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and South American Birds

BirdsExpress, a division of International Pet & Supply Inc. operates two USDA approved quarantine stations. Couple that with 20 years of experience in the importation of avian species and you will find that BirdsExpress is able to offer one of the most complete and largest inventories of African, European and South American birds.

Within our extensive collection, you will find some of the rarest and hardest to find species along with some of the most well known and popular species. With our large inventory and buying power, our prices remain unbeatable.

African Birds

We carry African birds from two major areas – East Africa and West Africa. Our ability to bring birds from both of these regions has allowed us to offer you some of the most popular African birds all year round.

From East Africa, you will find African birds such as Weavers and Whydah birds which are generally available from January to March. Also available on BirdsExpress are Waxbill species which include Blue Cap, Yellow Bellied, Peter’s Twin Spot, Melba and Purple Grenadlier. These African birds are all available from June to November.

From West Africa, you will find additional types of Waxbill birds like the Red Cheek Cordon Blue and Gold Breasted birds which are available from February to July. From July to October you will find Weavers and Whydah birds as well.

Since 1970, African finches have become very popular due to good supply and availability to Aviculturists in the United States at affordable prices. African finches are well liked for their beautiful array of colors.

European Birds

European Finches are very popular among European Aviculturists. European birds in general have been growing in popularity across the United States over the last 10 years. This is because European birds can be housed in outdoor aviaries in most North American climate zones. Some of the Softbill species such as Nightingale, Blackcap, Robin, Tit, Black birds and Song Thrush are excellent singers.

Many European birds include Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Siskin, Linnet and Chaffinch, which can also be bred with Canaries.

From March to August, you will find European Goldfinch from Australia available for good prices. From November to March you will find Siberian Goldfinch, Himalayan Goldfinch and other European birds available.

Siberian and Hinalayan Gold Finch Hybrid

Siberian and Himalayan Gold Finch Hybrid

South American Birds

South American Finches such as Siskin and Seedeater are excellent singers. Saffron Finches are well known by Aviculturists in the US. Tanager and other types of softbills are valued for their beautiful array of colors. We realize that South American birds are less popular than African and European birds; however, we still work closely with our suppliers and will try to bring in new species to help inform and stimulate the market.

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